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Currumbin Valley State School

Currumbin Valley State School is situated in the beautiful Currumbin Valley, 18 kilometres inland from Currumbin Beach. The school was established in 1908. Currently the school has 7 full-time equivalent classroom teachers with a number of support staff including but not limited to teacher-aides, a learning support teacher, guidance officer, english as a second language teacher, youth support worker, physical education (PE) and music specialist and LOTE (Japanese) specialist teacher.

The school is committed to providing an education program that challenges students to meet their full academic potential and prides itself on the delivery of strong curriculum offerings and excellent academic results. National testing results revealed impressive findings with students in grades 3 and 5 to be comparable to like and state schools and statistically above the nation in Year 3 Grammar and Punctuation and Year 5 Reading. 2017 and 2018 have seen more than 45% of our graduating Year 6 students offered scholarships to neighbouring high schools as part of excellence programs.

Currumbin Valley State School has a wide range of positive school programs and activities to cater for the great diversity within the school community. The school staff proudly support student engagement in the You Can Do It! program to better the social and emotional well-being of all students. This sits within our school behavioural policy focusing on developing the 5 C’s: consideration, care, cooperation, courtesy and common sense.

The school is developing a strong focus on The Arts with a growing number of students participating in school choirs, drama club and an instrumental music program. Participation in the arts is providing the students an opportunity to explore, grow and develop their self-confidence and sense of self-worth. Currumbin Valley State School has an active and supportive parent and community body who work closely with the school staff. As it is through collaboration and a clear vision that we can provide and promote a caring, challenging and supportive environment where mutual respect encourages the opportunity for all to succeed as active and reflective citizens.

Many school families live outside what is considered a catchment area for Currumbin Valley and have chosen to send their children to the school because it offers a unique small school environment. With a student population of approximately 166, the school can, and does, provide more individualised care and support for all students. Every staff member knows every child, and all the children know each other. The school provides a safe, secure, caring and loving environment for each child. 

Last reviewed 30 January 2020
Last updated 30 January 2020